Monday, July 14, 2008

US Grants Gov 7/014/08

Date: July 14, 2008 1:45:50 PM EDT
Subject: Another SBIR Opportunity


Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)
Collaboration with USDA

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) SBIR Phase I Solicitation is now
closed and the next SBIR solicitation will open in March 2009. However, there
are opportunities NOW for SBIR funding of environmental technologies in the US
Department of Agriculture (USDA) SBIR Phase I Solicitation closing on
September 4, 2008. There are at least three possible areas of collaboration
between USDA’s SBIR topics and EPA’s technology needs. EPA technology needs
are described in the last Phase I Solicitation that is still posted on the EPA
SBIR Website. The linkages between the EPA technology needs and USDA topics
are summarized below:


Water and Water Monitoring USDA Topic 8.4
Biofuels and Biobased Products USDA Topic 8.8
Animal Waste Management USDA Topic 8.11

The US Department of Agriculture SBIR Phase I Solicitation closes on September
4, 2008. Small businesses should carefully read the solicitation and comply
with the proposal instructions, electronic application submission procedures,
administrative requirements and technical issues. The USDA SBIR Solicitation
is not identical with the EPA SBIR Solicitation. Businesses are submitting
proposals to USDA and only USDA (not EPA) requirements apply. EPA needs do
not correspond exactly to USDA Topics and the topic descriptions below are NOT
exact. See the USDA Solicitation for specific subtopic descriptions. Three
topic linkages are described below:

USDA Topic 8.4 (Air, Water and Soils) -- Technologies to optimize water
conservation at a watershed scale, Monitoring of surface
water and groundwater, and Improved methods for reuse of
wastewater. See Solicitation for specific details.
USDA Topic 8.8 (Biofuels and Biobased Products) -- New biobased
plastics manufacture, Sustainable production of biomass into
ethanol and biodiesel, biocatalysts and reduction of harmful
byproducts. NO corn grain ethanol technologies accepted.
USDA Topic 8.11 (Animal Manure Management) -- Better ways to handle,
collect, store, transport, treat and recycle animal manure,
Methods to reduce impacts on surface water and groundwater,
Detection and control of air emissions, and Processing of
animal manure into value-added products including biofuels and

EPA’s next SBIR Phase I Solicitation opens on March 19, 2009 and closes on May
20, 2009. Previous EPA solicitations are available on the EPA SBIR website at: The Solicitations have different topics and provide
detailed descriptions of EPA technology needs. Questions about EPA
environmental technologies can be addressed to James Gallup, phone (202)
343-9703 or email: or James Gentry, Phone (202) 343-9798
or email: or April Richards, Phone (202) 343-9836 or
email: The USDA SBIR Phase I Solicitation is NOW
available at:

Companies with questions about the suitability of research topics should
contact Dr. Charles Cleland, National Program Leader for USDA Topic 8.4
( or 202-401- 6852), Dr. William Goldner Leader for
USDA Topic 8.8 ( or 202-401- 1719) and Dr. Richard
Hegg for USDA Topic 8.11 ( or 202-401-6550). Call any
time before the submission deadline but note that communication will become
increasingly difficult as the deadline nears. Proposals are due September 4,

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